Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find
all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it

The Great Rumi

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Peace project

Our founder Ata Servati has a vision; the dream of seeing Jewish, Palestinian and Christians resolve their differences and realize people are more important than religions. Ata and his team work to build respect and tolerance toward one another, so we may walk in peace. He has presented us with this idea to take the first steps in a peace project between the state of Israel and Palestine. Lotus Light is a dynamic non-profit organization committed to promoting peace through the arts. Reaching the next generation of children, Teaching them the importance of love, respect and tolerance can change the course of the world. The primary objective of the founder, Ata Servati, since the organization’s inception was to focus on the plight of the Middle East, and more specifically, the conflict between the Jewish state of Israel and Palestine. One Major Step to achieve that end is “The PEACE MARCH”. Lotus Light believes the vast majority of the people from both countries, Israel and Palestine are tired of death and destruction and want to end the struggle and vicious cycle of pain. Through Lotus Light Programs, in partnership with artists and peace loving peoples around the world, we can help them to take the steps necessary to reach an understanding, with compassion and mutual respect for one another. By harnessing the power of multidisciplinary within the arts, Lotus Light is creating a rally for Peace. Success in the past, such as “We are the World” and “I’d like to Teach the World to Sing”, Lotus Light is working with world renowned artists to create a song with lyrics that reflect that promise of peace, friendship and forgiveness on a grand and global scale, Celebrating hope for our Children of Tomorrow. We have several commitments and are seeking more peace loving Palestinian and Israeli artists as well as other major talents and lovers of peace from around this globe, to join us, and to come together for this seemingly impossible, momentous and most worthy occasion and cause. Scheduled to March and Rally in song this New Years Eve, at the border, most likely in Jerusalem, the City we wish to call “The City of Peace”…
Songwriters, musicians and poets, that feel they can expresses the deep feelings of both the Israeli and Palestinian people; to honor and represent both sides for all to see, in a one unifying song, expressing the joy of peace. The Peace March Logistics are as follow: Upon Completion of our song, the media will be advised. UN Peace-keepers will also participate on site December 31st.We will organize three groups;
A- A large group of Palestinian children paired with a Palestinian singer and other international artists, and will start singing in Arabic/English and Hebrew and rallying toward the border;
B- At the same time a group of Israeli children with Israeli artists/and international artists will start rallying from the Jewish state side toward the border, singing the same song in Hebrew/English and Arabic.
C- The final Rally, gathering on site at the Border, where both groups will be set to meet. A 3rd group of international artists and peace lovers will be waiting to join the celebration, singing and dancing to the same song in English/Arabic/Hebrew. Group A and B will reach the border at the same time joining group C and all will sing together in one voice, like a great choir. They will embrace and dance, shaking hands, and then saying what needs to be said to one another through poetry.
Then the children of two nations of Israel and Palestinian who are under 15 YEARS OLD will sign a peace agreement with international known children would sign as witness. 
We will invite and coordinate mass media to be present and document the celebration and to broadcast the voices of both groups of children. Both the Palestinian and Jewish children and other participants sharing the arts to the entire world will show how a step toward peace and progress is truly possible. We are reaching out to all Israelis, Palestinians and other like-minded artists around the word to join us at Lotus Light to make this happen, in a large, loving, powerful way.

Please join TLLCC to achieve this momentous and important milestone in the journey to world peace. Please contact us by clicking HERE and help us make it happen. Please read the TLLCC DISCLOSURE before submitting any thoughts and/or material.