Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find
all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it

The Great Rumi

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Love Ambassador


To achieve this very important global objective, we need an league of volunteers to guide the children of our world towards the universal truth, removing obstacles to love and tolerance. We ask those who feel compelled to be part of this global shift, to join with us in this calling. Become an Ambassador of LOVE. Lead the way to build the future on a foundation of PEACE, UNDERSTANDING, RESPECT and TOLERANCE toward one another, and soon we will build an army of peaceful and loving people who can defend the spirit of love and peace.


TLLCC Partners are requesting your expertise, in multiple artistic and creative disciplines, as volunteer artists to join with us. Our organization believes that reaching the creative source within each child will fill them with an avenue to gently express themselves, resulting in a shift in the paradigm towards love, and away from hate and destruction. With hearts and minds that sing, dance, write, create music, and capture beauty, no space will be vacant for the influences of radical manipulations nor those who wish to brainwash our youth to be used for their personal financial gain or political agenda.


TLLCC Directors will visit their chosen country, and cities and local supporters, at least once a year, to inspire and encourage the creative processes of the arts, to the children of the world. We know we cannot do this work alone. Our success depends upon a cohort of angel volunteers; we embrace all ethnicities and diversities of race. We humbly ask and invite the participation of known celebrities, artists, successful business men/women, activists and politicians. Those who hold a sphere of influence and those who are willing to influence, will carry the torch, and lead our children towards love. With open hearts, we request that you join us in this higher calling to become an extension of our most noble aspiration


If you wish to join in active participation as a LOVE AMBASSADOR and/support of our cause, please click HERE and leave us your contact info and describe how can you be of help.


Important note: Please before joining the TLLCC or submitting any material to TLLCC click HERE to read THE DISCLOSURE GUIDELINE of TLLCC staff.

TLLCC staff.


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