Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find
all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it

The Great Rumi

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My reasons for supporting TLLCC and LIFF are three fold. First of all I can’t help but be drawn to Ata Servati and his zest and zeal for compassion, truth, humanity and peace. He’s a man who can change your heart and we need more of this sort of leadership in the world. Ata’s belief in cultivating a better world for the next generation is something we all have in our hearts and know to be the right thing, but Ata puts it into action and lives it as his word. Second, I love the film medium and it’s ability to show that no matter where you live, work or raise your family we are all striving for the same things – Peace, understanding and freedom. Both TLLCC and LIFF showcase these ambitions and do a wonderful job sharing Ata’s message with the world. Finally, the we all need this sort of thing right now! With Nationalism, race politics and separatist ideals spreading around the globe, the voice of open compassion and inclusivity is being drowned out and, therefore, we need loud, open and bold statements to be expressed and heard wherever and whenever possible.




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President – HighWaterMain Productions, LLC.


Charlie began his professional career in Chicago during the Improve comedy boom of the 1980s and spent time working as an actor, writer and director with the famed “The Second City” comedy theater.  In the mid 1990’s Charlie move with his wife and family to Los Angeles and continued developing his career as a TV, film, landing recurring roles on “Arrested Development”, “According to Jim” and the popular cult hit, “Scare Tactics”.


In 2008 Charlie teamed with Steve Carell, and Vance DeGeneres to form Carousel Productions.  He was the Executive Producer of the 2011 Warner Brothers film Crazy, Stupid, Love and the 2013 New Line Cinema production, The Incredible Burt Wonderstone. In television he developed and co-created the series Inside Comedy that ran for four seasons on Showtime.


He left Carousel in 2015 and started his own production company; HighWaterMain Productions and is currently producing several TV and film projects including the indie comedy THE FLAMING JERK, Executive Producing a TV series being developed at HBO, and producing a new film project currently being packaged, THE RIDE.


While in Chicago he starred in dozens of national TV commercials and worked with several theater companies, including, The Organic Theater, The American Blues Theater and Victory Gardens, but most of his Chicago stage time was spent


President – HighWaterMain Productions, LLC.