Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find
all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it

The Great Rumi

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Heather Michaels

Heather Michaels, Board Member...


My Passion for The Lotus Light Children Charity and The Love International Film Festival


What inspired me most about Lotus Light Children’s Charity, is the genuine compassion and love for our World, the unequivocal, all-encompassing respect and adoration towards ALL life: regardless of ethnicity, gender, color, religion, political choice and life choices.  We stand with and we speak up for those without a voice.  We uplift, support, educate and reach out to our Communities with love and respect; we are a sisterhood, a brotherhood, a Global Community.


The Lotus Light Children’s Charity has a genuine ‘sister mission’ to what Silvernight’s purpose has been all these years in Humanitarian and Philanthropic Movements, and I’m proud to be engaged with such an empowering Organization.


A Few Words About Heather S. Michaels


It all began with Heather’s early days in the broadcasting industry, when she was inspired by the incredibly talented and very entertaining, ESPN’s Chris Berman and the conservative, influential broadcasting icon, Barbara Walters. Eventually, Michaels was able to achieve several exclusive broadcasts, most especially the very first exclusive interviews with O.J. Simpson, even before her colleagues, Barbara Walters and the late Peter Jennings.

For over 20 years, Heather Michaels has covered many incredibly inspirational stories. Heather Michaels has been a TV broadcast personality, producing a significant amount of sports programming and telling legendary stories through the eyes of the most famous sports stars in history. Heather was one of the first female personalities to break the barrier in the world of sports and entertainment journalism and has an incredibly insightful way of telling a story. Having been a pioneer in this industry, Michaels is an established presence in broadcasting and only gets involved in worthwhile projects that strike a chord with her. Michaels’ talent for telling the story in an even handed and compassionate manner has helped to shed light on extremely controversial topics.

Michaels has a very unique and rare connection to her guests, and her kind and genuine way of connecting with them is endearing while still being informative and entertaining. They trust her, they respect her, and they speak openly to her in a way that is rare to see in broadcast news. Regardless of the degree of controversy, Michaels’ subjects open up to her and want to tell their story. Even the most unsettling story has a message and may help to save one individual. This is the primary reason Ms. Michaels continues to reinvent how we see sports, how we see and embrace programming and entertainment both in the sports and news world. By always staying true to her virtues, ethics and morals, Heather never compromises who she is and has always been well respected. Having worked with the most controversial and most difficult personalities over the years, Michaels has a very real connection to her audience and especially to her celebrity guests because they know she is genuine, open and sincere in how she will tell “their” story. Heather nurtures the creative endeavors of others and is respectful, appreciative and supportive of her colleagues, in helping to bring exposure to their efforts.

A few examples of her documentaries and various programs over the years are as follows:

Exclusive interview with Darryl Strawberry at Yankee stadium about his drug and spousal abuse.


Conrad Dobler speaks about his controversies in the 70’s, Dobler, was once called ‘The nastiest

man in the NFL” and considered the nastiest man in history, for both his on and off the field debacles.


Eric Davis and Heather go to the hospital for Eric Davis’s last chemo treatment for Colon Cancer.


In another segment, childhood friend, Darryl Strawberry, who also had colon cancer, joins them in a broadcast.
Reggie White
Shaquille O Neal in a series of ‘BIG’ profiles
Magic Johnson, first open discussion in the 90’s about being diagnosed with HIV
Alomar Brothers, Roberto speaks candidly directly after the spitting incident
Cal Ripken Jr in an exclusive segment at Baltimore Orioles field, about Cal’s last run…
Derek Jeter speaks out about the upcoming quest to win the World Series
Alex Rodriguez speaks openly about his antics off the field.
Coach Calipari speak of the Final Four
Heather reunites Magic Johnson and Isaiah Thomas after a decade of controversy at a casual
and fun lunch meeting in NYC.
Coach Pat Riley sits down for some chit chat on sports and that infamous Riley hair style!
Controversial NBA star, Allen Iverson sits down for some segments
Kobe Bryant behind the scenes, talking sports, speaking Italian and all current topics.


Dennis Rodman and Heather talk locker room, and invite Henry Winkler the ‘Fonz’ into the
locker room to join the fun.


Rodman and Heather hang out smoking stogies at Super bowl Atlanta with Christine Aguilera
and Jamie Foxx

Sugar Ray Leonard and Michaels in the gym


Leon Spinks and Michaels behind the scenes at the Kimmel show.


Jamie Foxx in series of fun, entertaining segments – one with Jamie and Papa Foxx, roasting
Shaq in Vegas!

The Williams sisters hang out and discuss hair braiding techniques while discussing tennis.


Chris Everett speaks out about important causes and some of her most memorable moments on
the court.


Pete Rose talks openly at the stadium about his struggles and personal challenges on
being ‘blacklisted’ from the HOF.


Terrell Owens and Heather doing a live remote with fans while eating breakfast
Heather is especially proud to have been the only woman invited by the Brazil and Mexico National (Futbal) teams to speak with the most famous players, Romario and Ronaldo. Michaels was instrumental in launching the MLS (Major League Soccer) in the States, and covers the star athletes in many ongoing segments that helped bring exposure and deliver an audience to a struggling US sport!
Heather Michaels strives to continue to cover stories that deliver a message. She is a story teller, a journalist and will always tell the stories using her unique voice. Inspired by making an impact and contributing to our community, Heather is also now producing a celebrity driven health and wellness series she is extremely passionate about.


Heather S. Michaels is leading a powerful Roundtable Initiative along with support from Athletes, Celebrities, Community and Political Leaders around the Nation: Her Outreach Team joins her in her crusade to bring Awareness and Advocacy to the many issues plaguing our Nation and Society. Heather is leading a Campaign to bring Awareness to the ‘critical mass’ of issues that challenge the relationship of Police Organizations to the Communities they (protect and) serve.

Heather encourages others to use their Voices, and engage with her in launching an ON-GOING Advocacy Initiative to help bring Awareness and Education through Communication and Rehabilitation. We promote this platform as a TEAM EFFORT to shed light on the evolving issues that affect our Nation and our Cities every single day.

We are at a crossroads, and it’s our Nation and Communities that are dangerously depleted and in dire need of resources. Heather asks her Friends and Colleagues to join her in using their power together in a positive statement – One that reminds us that we can ALL work TOGETHER in a Program to educate and unify both parties with the intention of dispelling fear on both sides, the fear that is paralyzing us all.

We are proud to RAISE our VOICES to inspire positive change, to heal our Communities, and to discourage hate and division.

“I’m a talker, a voice and I use that to speak LOUDLY, inspiring change.

I am a Broadcaster, a Journalist and I have a Voice.”


Los Angeles, CA